At TheMET we believe that everyone that is involved is raising kids is on a pathway. We refer to this as Parent Path. Along this pathway, we have identified 7 key milestones that every child or student will pass. As a church we celebrate these milestones and come alongside families to offer support, resources, events and training.

1st Grade Bible

MET Kids wants to invite your family to celebrate the milestone of learning to read with your new, soon to be 1st grader!

What a special moment it will be to present these new 1st graders with their very own Bible! You will also hear more about the mission of our Kids Ministry, meet our team, and be part of a special parent commitment during this unique milestone event.


God, in His wisdom and goodness, gives the ability for children to respond to Him at a young age. The decision of salvation is the most important decision a person or child can make. This decision is a child’s response to the truth of Christ, which is felt in his/her heart. We would love to meet with you as a family, if your child has questions about the decision of salvation, continuing to grow spiritually, or about baptism.

We encourage you, as the parent, to be the primary disciple of your children and view discipleship in your home as an investment in your child’s spiritual journey. It is our genuine hope, that you will have meaningful conversations as a family and we, the church, are here to support you in every step along the way! To make arrangements to meet with our staff, click the button below.

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All instances of baptism follow an individual’s decision to trust Jesus alone for their salvation. At TheMET, we wait until children are old enough to believe and understand the true meaning of baptism before we baptize them. When a child makes a decision for Christ, we gladly baptize them as a symbol of their faith in Christ. To make arrangements to meet with our staff to further discuss baptism, click the button below.

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Passport to Purity

Every preteen will go through a milestone of preparing for adolescence. During this milestone seminar, we hope to prepare parents to have a meaningful weekend experience with their preteen. This event will equip parents with knowledge, resources, and tools to engage in these tough, yet important conversations. We encourage you to take this step and lead your preteen, setting a Biblical foundation of Godliness and purity as they enter this unique time in their life.


Fusion is the celebration event for the “Entering Adolescence” milestone. Preteen and Student Ministry partner together as they prepare these preteens to transition to the student ministry. We think, and know, that is a BIG deal! The goal of fusion is to help both parents and preteens acknowledge the phase they are in and better understand what is to come. This event is a mix of special memories, information, and a whole lot of fun that will get your family ready for the next step of student ministry!