Policies & Procedures

We are excited to have your child be part of the Kids Ministry at the MET. We want to be able to provide the best environment for your child to learn bible truths and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We have compiled the following Policies and Procedures to provide information and clarification regarding Kids ministry from newborn through elementary.

Food/Snack Allergy Guidelines:

The following guidelines and policies regarding snacks and food allergies will be instituted starting March 1, 2014 in the Preschool/Child Care Ministries at the MET.

1.  On Sunday mornings, a snack will only be served at the 9:30 hour.

  • The 8:15 and 11:00 Preschool will not serve a snack with the exception for a special occasion (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
  • Parents will be notified two weeks in advance if a special snack will be served at 8:15 and 11:00.
  • Preschool parents and volunteers will be notified of new policy starting the week of Sunday, February 16, 2014.

2.  Parents are welcome to provide an alternative snack for their child in all preschool classes. This includes Sunday mornings (9:30 Srv only), MOPS, Wednesday morning childcare, Wednesday night childcare, Parents Night Out, etc. The alternative snack must be peanut-free. If there is a question as to whether it contains peanuts or nuts, the parent will be contacted.

3.  An Allergy Sign will be posted by the classroom door listing the snack being served for all preschool classes at The MET. This includes Sunday morning, Wednesday morning, Friday morning, Parents Night Out and all other events.

4.  No snack with peanuts or nuts will be served in preschool classes. This includes snacks produced in plants where peanuts are processed. However, this does not guarantee that the room  is peanut-free due to outside potential contaminants on clothing, persons, backbacks, etc.

5.  Ingredient labels will be made available upon request to parents for the snacks served in classes.

6.  Parents are responsible for alerting Preschool or Child Care leaders of any allergies or dietary concerns.

  • Once notified, the information will be included on the child’s F1 record and part of their Comment tag
  • Parents are encouraged to use the “Allergy” labels before checking their children into a class at all times. Labels are available at the Guest Services area.
  • Parents are responsible for letting the class leader know if an alternative snack is available.

7.  The aforementioned policies are an attempt to offer a safer environment for children and provide options for parents of children with food allergies; however, we do not guarantee that the classrooms are free from any potential allergens due to residue and remnants within backpacks, diaper bags, clothing, etc.

 Elementary (1st Grade – 5th Grade)

Snacks are not served in the elementary (Blast and Zone) areas. However, periodically food might be part of the small group activity or lesson. When this occurs, the food item provided will be peanut free.


  • All children must be checked into Fellowship One at one of the computer kiosks in the atrium or Guest Reception area.
  • A sticker will be issued for the child to wear with their name and a security number. A second sticker/tag will be printed for the parent with the random security code to be matched with the child’s tag before releasing. Additional item tags are available for the backpacks, jackets, child’s diaper bag, sippy cups, etc.  If the security tag is lost, the parent will be asked to return to the Guest Center to show identification before the child will be released.
  • Allergy and Potty Training stickers are provided at the Guest Center station. Please use these to alert the staff to your child’s needs.
  • When checking in, the parent must provide a cell phone that can be put on vibrate or a vibrating pager will be assigned. Please keep the cell phone or pager on you so that you can be reached. If issued a pager, please return the pager when picking up your child. If anytime your contact information changes, please contact us so your information can be updated.
  • For security reasons parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the classroom when dropping off or picking up child.
  • If the security tag is lost, the parent will be asked to return to the Guest Center to show identification before the child will be released.

Room Assignments:

  • Room assignments vary depending as to whether they are nursery, preschool or elementary age.
    • For elementary, assignments are based on current elementary grade and teacher-student ratios.
    • In Nursery your child (0-11 months) will be assigned according to their mobile abilities. Our Nursery categories are newborns, crawlers and walkers. In Preschool (1 year through kindergarten) your child will be assigned to a class as per their age as of September 1. This will remain their assignment for a year until Promotion in the fall.
  • Each class is planned to be age appropriate and sized to offer an optimum teaching experience. Please do not ask for your child to be placed in a room with another child that is not within their grade or age (regardless if they are related or a friend).

General Policies:

  • Please label your child’s belongings. This includes bottles, sippy cups, diapers, pacifiers, lovies, backpacks, Bibles, jackets. etc. Our policy is that we do not give a child any bottle, cup, pacifier or water bottle that is not labeled with their name.
  • We provide crackers and Cheerios for those children that can have them. Due to limited manpower, we are unable to spoon-feed babies. A parent is welcome to remove their baby to feed them and return to their class when finished.
  • If your child needs medication, please return to the classroom to administer at the appropriate time. Volunteers, childcare staff or Kids Ministry Staff may not administer medication.
  • We understand there may be a period of adjustment for children new to the preschool. Kids volunteers and staff will diligently try to comfort and engage the child during this time. A child will be allowed to be upset for 20 minutes before a parent is contacted, unless otherwise notified by the parent. Please do not come to the classroom constantly to check on your child unless you  have been contacted, as this may further upset your child. Instead, ask a Kids Staff member or Service Coordinator to check on your child for you.


  • The MET requires all children to be free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before attending.
  • A child who becomes ill during a session must be removed immediately from the other children. Parents will be contacted to pick up their child.
  • For the protection of the other children in the class we will not accept children with the following:
    -Diarrhea-even associated with teething or medication
    -Common cold-from onset through week one
    -Sore throat
    -Cloudy or green noses
    -Persistent cough
    -Childhood diseases such as Scarlet Fever, mumps, chicken pox, strep throat, flu, etc.
    -Any unexplained rash
    -Skin infections
    -Fever blisters
    -Pink eye or other eye infections. The child  must be on medication for 24 hours before.
  • These rules are for the safety and protection of all children involved in Kids Ministry.

Curriculum and Planned Activities:

  • Nursery/Preschool
    • The curriculum used on Sunday is provided by Orange and is called First Look. With First Look, your preschooler will learn three Basic Truths: God loves me, God made me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. A Basic Truth is the focus of the month and reinforce through all the activities in the classroom.
      • Our babies are building a sense of trust as their immediate needs are met. Additionally, they are building a foundation of God through what they hear and experience at the MET. Volunteers and staff will use the First Look curriculum to sing repetitive songs or action poems focusing on the Basic Truth for the month.
      • Our toddlers directly relate experiences at Church with beginning concepts of God. Our volunteers and staff involve the children in simple repetitive games, music and finger plays to teach them about God and the three Basic Truths.
      • Beginning with our two year olds, we offer a planned curriculum using First Look which involves beginning activities, bible lesson, music and an age appropriate craft.
      • At three, four and five, your child is so excited about learning the stories of the Bible and being able to share it with you. Our volunteers and staff teach Bible stories based on the First Look curriculum which involve beginning activities, bible lesson, songs, crafts and bible verse memorization which all reinforce the Basic Truth and bible verse for the month.
  • Elementary
    • Children in grades 1 through 3 will participate in The Blast located in the second floor of the Kids area. Children in grades 4 and 5 are assigned to The Zone, which is located in the third floor of the Kids Atrium.
      • The curriculum used is provided by Orange and is called 252 BASICS.  252 reinforces three Basic Truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 25:2 which are
        • I need to make the wise choice.
        • I can trust God no matter what.
        • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
      • Each month your child will learn these a specific virtue or characteristic of God which are reinforced through large group teaching, video lessons, music, small group and activities. All lessons & activities point back to the virtue and at least one of the three Basic Truths.

How You Can Help Your Child:

  • Speak enthusiastically to your child before getting to class.
  • Communicate any concerns about your child to the staff as well as any special instructions you may have.
  • Verbally communicate any allergies your child has to the staff. If your child does have food allergies, you may consider packing a special snack.
  • When dropping off your child, don’t linger! Even if your child is upset, it is best to drop them off and leave immediately. The sooner you leave, the faster your child will recover.
  • Be consistent in coming on Sunday mornings. Your children need to become comfortable away from you and have the opportunity to develop relationships with classmates and teachers.
  • Get to know your child’s teachers. You will feel much more comfortable if you know who you are leaving your child with and that reassurance will then be conveyed to your child.

It is the goal of The MET Kids Ministry that you enjoy your time of fellowship and growing in God’s word. Please feel very secure in knowing that your child is in a safe and loving environment. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please stop by the Kids Central, seek a Kids staff member or contact us.