Creative Arts Internship

Position Summary

The intern position is designed to provide ministry experience and insight to those with an interest in pursuing a career in ministry. The intern will receive valuable training, experience, and coaching along with an increased understanding of his/her ministry gifts and calling. The worship arts intern partners with Creative Arts team and the Worship Pastor in specific with shepherding and spiritual formation through worship in the context of our weekly worship gathering, as well as the cultivation of a creative arts culture.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

General duties and responsibilities are aimed at helping the intern understand what it means to be a part of a discipleship first church:

• Debrief spiritual gifts inventory with leader to gain clarity and self-awareness regarding talents and calling.
• Meet weekly with leader to debrief assignments and growth opportunities. Submit to coaching and feedback and adapt behavior accordingly.
• Participate in all dept. and staff meetings as directed.
• Audit a church membership class and debrief with your ministry leader.
• Accompany a pastor on at least 2 hospital visits to be scheduled with Pastor of Senior Adults and Pastoral Care and debrief experience with ministry leader.
• Partner with ministry leadership to assist in performing a baptism and/or baptism counseling.
• Partner with ministry leader to develop a leadership lesson. Lead and share the developed lesson with your ministry team.
• Help lead a ministry event including planning, scheduling, volunteer engagement, set-up/teardown, debrief, etc.
• Actively participate in a small group focused on relational discipleship. Facilitate and lead one small group meeting.
• Attend the Global Leadership Summit and debrief key lessons with your ministry team.
• Meet with respective LT member and HR at least once monthly to debrief intern experience.
• Submit current photo and internship testimonial to HR by end of last day.

Ministry specific duties and responsibilities:


• Participate in weekly worship gathering and rehearsals.
• Assist the Worship Pastor with weekly worship planning.
• Assist the Creative Arts team with songwriting, team nights, and Guild training events
• Lead in worship as assigned.
• Lead as needed with student and children's worship.
• Assist the Music Director with the scheduling of volunteer roles within the worship service.
• Assist the Music Director in the preparation of charts and Ableton files for weekly worship.

Creative Arts

• Assist the worship pastor in fostering the environment of our context to further enhance worship through media, lighting, set design, and other avenues.
• Assist the worship pastor in the development of our songwriting community.
• Assist the worship pastor in regular recording projects.

Qualifications: Education & Experience

• You are a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ with clear calling into ministry.
• You have the equivalent of at least 1 year of volunteer experience in a church/ministry environment.
• Experience with Planning Center, ProPresenter, Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools is a plus.


• You agree with and act in accordance with TheMET Church beliefs.
Serving: You have a heart to serve, you anticipate needs and meet them with humility and compassion.
Communication: You speak and write effectively, using appropriate convention and communication channels based on the situation; you actively listen to others, ask questions to verify understanding, and you use tact and consideration when delivering feedback to others.
Discretion: You handle personal or confidential information with integrity and respect for those involved.
Flexibility: You respond positively and adapt to changing priorities and ministry directives.
Collaboration and Partnership: You share key information with others involved in a project or effort. You follow the biblical model for resolving conflict in accordance with Matthew 18.
Managing Work: You are methodical and efficient in structuring and completing tasks. You are self-motivated and show initiative.
Quality: You set high standards for your work and ensure quality and accuracy in every aspect of work performed.
Coachable: You are able to receive constructive feedback and coaching from leaders and peers without being defensive. You promptly modify behavior to meet expectations.
Maturity: You are able to separate emotional feelings from the real issues at hand. You are able to put the needs of the ministry above your personal needs.
Responsibility: You consistently meet commitments you’ve made to others, acknowledging and accepting the choices you have made, the actions you have taken, and the results. You take responsibility and ownership for your own personal spiritual development.

Physical Demands & Work Environment

Moderate physical activity performing somewhat strenuous daily activities of an administrative/office nature in a well-lighted, heated and/or air-conditioned indoor office setting. Typical Worship Arts schedule includes 7:45am-12:15pm on Sunday, 3:00pm-8:00pm on Thursday and 9:00am-4pm Monday through Wednesday. Hours may be adjusted as needed but generally will not exceed 29 hours per week.

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