Episode 1: Hope

Family Discussion

What are things that you want or wish for this Christmas?

The Crank thought that if he took away the snow, he’d take away Charlie’s hope.If the things you wish for this Christmas don’t happen, will you still have hope?

If Frank was able to read, what might he discover in his book, The Hope of Christmas?

Isaiah was a man who described the hope of Christmas hundred of years before Jesus was even born. God’s people were eagerly waiting on a savior. Read Isaiah 9:6 together.

God’s people weren’t just waiting and wishing for a savior, they had a confident hope that God would keep his promise to rescue them. Hebrews 11:1 says faith is being confident in the things we hope for.

This year, no matter what happens with the things we wish for, we can be confident in the hope we have in Jesus.

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