Episode 3: Joy

Family Discussion

What makes you happy during Christmastime? What makes you unhappy?

Unlike happiness, joy lasts forever. Nothing and no one can steal it from you. Joy is available to those who trust that God is in control—no matter how fun or how unfair our days may be.

The fox told Frank that he could buy joy. Was he telling the truth?

Read Psalm 1:1-2
Frank may have stolen his neighbors’ happiness, but gifts weren’t the source of their joy. Ultimately, their joy came from Jesus! The family of bears meditated on the good news that a savior had been born for them.

Read Luke 2:9-11 and Mathew 2:9-10
Jesus was the greatest gift the world has ever received. He offers much more than happiness and good times. He gives joy to those who trust Him in every situation- good and bad.

Read James 1:2-3
This year, when we experience disappointing things, let’s take hold of joy! Through trials, we can worship Jesus as our greatest gift!

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