All of Us Week 1 –Jesus Calls His First Disciples


All of Us Week 1 – Leadership Coaching
[The purpose of this page is to help you sharpen your skills as a Small Group Leader. Each week we will include concepts, challenges and resources designed to assist you as you lead and shepherd your group and grow as a disciple yourself.]

Leading [learn to facilitate your group more effectively]
• Use the hook question provided with each lesson to help transition the group to discussion time by focusing the group on what is coming next. The questions are designed to point to the story and get people thinking about how it applies to their lives. Most weeks you will only spend about 5 minutes on the hook question, but if it sparks valuable discussion, you may decide to explore it a little longer.
• The background for the story is used to add context for the lesson, and it is meant to be shared in a very relational way. The background sets the scene for the person telling the story, and gives the group a way to know what is happening. Having the background available also enables us to put the “big picture” together in our minds as we see the stories fit together as a whole.

Shepherding [know the sheep, feed the sheep, lead the sheep, protect the sheep]
• Practical tips for developing the apprentice:
o Pray! Pray! Pray! Nothing else is more effective.
o Allow your apprentice to have leadership responsibilities in the group. Start with small things first, and gradually build up over time.
o Make sure your apprentice knows that he can approach you with anything, and will be received. Talk back and forth about issues in the group, but also allow your apprentice to talk about personal struggles as well.
o Help your apprentice, as he grows toward spiritual parenthood, to identify someone he can be discipling and possibly have as an apprentice.
• Realize that you will not be able to disciple every person in your group. Your main responsibility is to disciple your apprentice and maybe one other. What does this mean for the other group members? It means that each person in your group should also be discipling someone else in the group. This is a more effective means of producing disciples who make disciples.

Developing [grow as a disciple yourself]
• John 13:35 says, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” The word “love” is used in many different ways, so it is important for disciples to have a good understanding of the Biblical concept of love. For the next several weeks, we will examine 1 Cor 13:4-7 to better understand the characteristics of love.
• 1 Cor 13:4-7 begins, “Love is patient and kind.” Patient love waits without becoming exasperated, calmly explains again and again, listens to lengthy stories, and understands when mistakes are made. Kind love uses gentle words, cares tenderly for others, shows consideration and respect, and is helpful.
• A very accurate way to gauge whether you are displaying these characteristics is to substitute your name for the word love (i.e. John is patient and kind). As we study this passage, use this method to examine your life in light of the Biblical standard.

All of Us Week 1 –Jesus Calls His First Disciples

Open in Prayer


Remind group of Small Group guidelines

Ask a hook question [Ask a thought provoking question to get the group focused]
Have you ever avoided a task for fear that it would fail, only to be surprised by the outcome?

Share background for the story [Provide context by sharing what comes before the story in the Bible]
At this point in Jesus’ ministry, He is travelling from place to place casting out demons, healing people, and continuing to preach. Jesus is beginning to show His followers what it means to be a disciple. He even heals Peter’s mother-in-law, which shows us how personal and intentional He was in His ministry.
The crowds that continually follow Jesus want Him to stay with them, but He explains that He has been sent to other towns to preach the Good News as well. So, He continued to do this throughout Judea.

Tell the story – this week’s passage is Luke 5:1-11

Rebuild the story [Group members tell the story together based on what they remember]

Read the story out loud [Read the scripture passage to see if anything was added or omitted]

Discuss these questions:
1. Why do you think Peter found it necessary to tell Jesus that they had already tried fishing where Jesus was directing them?
2. Is one or the other greater: Faith or Obedience? Does one lead to the other?
3. What did Peter leave behind in order to follow Jesus? Have you left a past behind in order to follow Jesus?
4. How has your obedience in following Christ changed your relationships with the people you know?

Ask someone to retell the story [Ask for a volunteer from the group]
Assign next week’s passage – Matthew 16:13-20
Close in Prayer