Summer Small Group Curriculum

Below are two curriculum options for the summer. The left side contains standard small group curriculum that is independent of our summer sermon series and the right provides links to video-based lessons on Right Now Media. Your welcome to choose either curriculum option that serves your group. Please let your groups coach or pastor know which item you pick as this will help us see which resources are the most beneficial to our groups.

All groups will start back on standard curriculum the week of September 10th.

Standard Curriculum Options

The following are three different series that follow our standard curriculum structure. The links below will contain one pdf file with all the lessons for the series.

Right Now Media Video Lessons

Below are four lists of staff recommended classes that could help your group this summer. Some lessons will require the purchase of a leader guide while others offer free downloadable leader PDF’s. Regardless of which study you choose, we encourage you to keep the discussion as the heart of your time.

Fruit of the Spirit
Five weeks looking at how the Fruit of the Spirt helps us overcome the world and follow Jesus.
Click Here

Four weeks looking at how we can align with God’s design for marriage
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Master to Messiah
Six weeks exploring the life of Jesus.
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Women’s Focused Lessons
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Men’s Focused Lessons
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Marriage and Family Focused Lessons
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Bible Focused Lessons
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