Bible Studies + Classes

Bible Studies and Classes

Do you desire to engage with God’s Word at a deeper level? Would you like to grow in your faith? If so, Wednesdays at The MET this fall are for you.

Invest in your spiritual growth and engage in God’s Word through our fall classes and Bible studies.

Registration coming soon. All classes are $15. Price includes all resources.

Wednesday Mornings (Women)
9:30am - 11:30am

Winning The Worry Battle

“Just pray about it.” “God’s got this.”  Although these phrases are heartfelt words of encouragement, sometimes when you’re worried and stressed, they just sound like clichés.  We long for something more. We want to know how to have a bold and courageous faith. In Joshua, a six-week, in-depth Bible study for women, you’ll join God’s people as they arrive on the edge of the Promised Land only to find themselves in hostile territory. You’ll learn how to fight in faith as you internalize God’s promises, draw strength from God’s faithfulness, act in obedience to God’s commands, and believe what our limitless God can do.

Class is led by Vicki Bischoff and Anna Sullivan

The cost is $15, which includes class materials.

Now That Faith Has Come - A Study in Galatians

Join us for a six-week deep dive into Paul’s captivating letter to the Galatians, in this . Come to know the letter’s original recipients. Study its original context and embrace its timeless relevance. Discover—or perhaps rediscover—what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ revolutionary to those who choose to believe. Find out how everything has changed, now that faith has come. Class is led by Jennifer Roberson, Kathi Nunez and Ashley Madera.

The cost is $15, which includes class materials.

Wednesday Nights 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Becoming An Overcomer

God used Joseph’s life for his purposes and his glory. Do you desire for God to use your life too? This Bible study focuses on Genesis chapter 37-50 as we dig into the life of Joseph and how God brought him through setbacks, detours, and delayed promises. From the pit to the palace, God was with Joseph every step of the way. In this short, 4-week class, we’ll learn biblical principles to help us live for God’s purposes and glory.  

Bible Study Teacher: Larry Allen 

The cost is $15, which includes class materials.

Facing Anxiety

Struggling with anxiety hits close to home for many of us. If anxiety is part of your story, you know how debilitating it can be. You’re not alone. Anxiety affects people from all walks of life. This highly relational, biblically based, 4-week class is for women only. Join us in a safe space where we will explore scripture, pray over the issue, and unpack what it means for those living with anxiety.  

Class Teachers: Catherine Martinez & Toyah Earls 

The cost is $15, which includes class materials.

Soul Keeping

Our soul, the essential part of who we are, needs regular renewal and times of refreshing. Experiencing these things doesn’t have to wait for a spiritual retreat or mountaintop experience. The Scriptures teach us that abiding in Christ, walking in the Spirit, and enjoying intimacy with the Father isn’t as complicated or out of reach as we sometimes think. If you covet the Spirit’s touch and crave a more fulfilling walk with Christ, join us for this short, 4-week interactive class.  

Class Teacher & Facilitator: Pastor Scott Rodgers

The cost is $15, which includes class materials.

Wednesday Night Meals

We invite you and your whole family to come for a meal on campus every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:15pm. For just $3 a person, our meals will rotate with burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and some other fun, family-friendly items. Have a huge family? We also have a ‘family max,’ which is just $20 for families larger than 7 people. Register by noon on Wednesdays for meals that week. $5 per person at the door.