Explore Membership at The MET

Membership at The MET focuses on how we're better together. Collectively investing our energy, talents, and resources for the mission of inviting people into meaningful relationship with God and each other is not only impactful, but it's also exciting!

At our membership class, you'll meet some of our leadership and others just like you who are exploring how to make The MET their home. During our time together, you'll hear more about our mission, our strategy for making disciples, understand what it means to be a member, and gain clarity on the next steps available for you and your family.

We'd love to have you join us for one of our many membership class opportunities.

Membership is required to vote for our future Lead Pastor.

According to The MET bylaws, we will present a single candidate for a vote during the last phase of the Pastor Search Plan. Only members will be eligible to participate in the voting process.

If you're not a member yet or are unsure about your membership status, we encourage you to call the church office or drop by the 'Join A Group' area near the main entrance on Sundays, and someone will help to verify membership. Ensuring your eligibility to vote is crucial as we move forward in the Pastor Search Plan.

The MET Church Office Hours: M-Th, 9am - 4:30pm.
(281) 890-1900

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