Soccer League – Spring_24

January 1 - May 4  |  The LAWN at The HUB - 12903 Jones Rd., Houston, TX 77070

12903 Jones Rd, Houston, TX, USA


Our Mission is promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports.

While sports are a passion for many, when combined with God’s message, it becomes a powerful tool to share the Gospel. The MET Church & The Hub Community Center are partnering together to connect people to hope by offering a low-cost soccer league opportunity while sharing the love of Jesus with kids and families.

SPORTS + INTENTION = IMPACT = Ages 4 yrs to 6th grade!

$65 Early bird December Jan 1-21

$75 Regular January 22 -Feb 19

$85 Late Feb 20th – Feb 26

Here are key dates and important info:

  • 2/19 — Soccer Evaluations – Players will come and display their skills to better balance teams and see where each player is at in their soccer journey.
  • 2/26 — Parent Meeting – This meeting will inform parents about the upcoming schedule and other team information.
  • 3/9 — Meet the Team – This event will allow families to meet their coaches and other team members as well as receive their jerseys.
  • 3/18 — First Practice
  • 3/23 — First Game
  • 5/11 — Last Game/Season Celebration

Specific times will be updated but most of our evening events will start at 6pm. Meet the team will be at 10am on Saturday the 9th.

Thank you for being a part of our program!


Only parents, guardians, or other persons with parental legal authority over the child participant may complete this registration with a local church.

Coaches and volunteers
are ALWAYS wanted!

Parents & Guardians: In order to continue to provide a low-cost sports league option for our community, The Hub Sports Ministry depends heavily on volunteers. You are invited to serve as a coach, assistant coach or referee as well as we have opportunities for Team Parents, Game Clocks, Field set up & teardown, Concessions, First aid station, Hosts, Prayer teams, and Celebration Day planning.

For additional questions, please contact:
Isaiah Batts
(281) 890-1900