We are Here for Your Family

Seasons come and seasons go but we are here for you! As we enter an exciting holiday season, we want to invite you to join us for these amazing family opportunities here at TheMET!

Starting May 26th

New at 8:00am Preschool, Kids, and Preteens

We need you in the NextGEN Ministry. Our Students, Kids and Preschool Ministry teams need additional
help. Bring your gifts and talents to help disciple this generation of disciples.
Contact Sarah Weis at sweis@themet.church

Volunteer Opportunities, We Need You!

Missions Breakfast Club is going to be exciting. Each week, we will explore a different Missions opportunity and enjoy a light breakfast themed around that Mission focus we start this summer with Missions in Texas!


Younger: Infants to 1’s

Younger Preschoolers have moved buildings! All infants through one years of age will be in the Student building during all three worship hours. To find these classrooms, enter the Student Building and walk past the café and game area to the glass doors. Check-in will be located just inside the glass door.

Older: 2’s through Kinder

The 2-year-old classrooms have moved across the Atrium to the Older Preschool hallway to keep all preschoolers together. The 3-year-olds through Kindergarten have new room assignments within the same hallway.


1st – 5th Grades

TheMET Kids Team will provide Sunday morning ministry programing for kids in grades 1-3 and preteens in grades 4-5 at all 3 service hours (8a, 9:30a, 11:00a).
There will be different kids and preteen ministry programming each hour for those who attend consecutive services. All kids and preteens that attend one hour will go to the large group worship as usual. If your kid or preteen stays for more than one hour, they will have the opportunity to attend the 8am Missions Breakfast Club, 9:30 Large Group Service, and the 11:00 Small Group Hour. The 11:00 Small Group Hour is for kids that attend more than one service, as it reinforces what was learned during the worship hour with deeper discussion. The 8:00a Missions Breakfast Club will take place in The BLAST Area/2nd floor.For early drop off starting at 7:40a, please meet our staff at the Rocket Ship Playscape/1st floor. Our staff will walk them up as a group when we start our 8am Missions Service. The 9:30a and 11:00a services for 1-3 graders will remain the same.

Preteen Location Change

We will continue having preteen services for all 4th-5th graders, but our location will be changing. The Preteen Ministry, all 4th-5th graders, will attend preteen services in room 216-217 for Sunday morning programs.


9:30a Small Groups

Middle School: 6th – 8th Grades

Student Small Groups at 9:30a has moved to the 3rd floor and will be meeting in The Zone and The ZONE area classrooms. For access to the 3rd floor, use the lobby by the playscape and the stairwell on the right. A Check-In station has been set up on the 3rd floor for Middle School Check-In only. Please attend worship at either 8a or 11a.

High School: 9th – 12th Grades

Student Small Groups at 9:30a has moved to the 2rd Floor Lounge side of the main building, below the ZONE. For access to the 2nd floor, please enter the lobby by the playscape and use the stairwell on the right. A Check-In station has been set up on the 2nd floor for High School Check-In only. Please attend worship at either 8a or 11a.


Back2School Bash: Preschool and Kids

Preschool and Kids
Start off the School year with a Big Bash! Join us August 28th 6:30pm – 8:00pm as we say good by to summer and hello to another fun year of Kidnection. Everyone is invited from Preschool to 5th grade! Bring a friend! You DoNut want to miss it!

Back To School Bash: Students

Save the Date-Our Wednesday Nights as the METStudents officially kick off on August 28th with a really fun night called the Back To School Bash (B2SB)! Students are encouraged to wear white. We will have students playing a few games that involve Color Dust (washable!). We will be serving FREE Chick-Fil-A and providing an atmosphere for students to invite their friends to a fun hang out at the Student Building as school begins.

Rush Kickoff Sept 11th

A 4-week event for students engaging them in life changing truth along with exciting team competitions, all while reaching your friends for Jesus Christ. With special guest Austin Lanier, we will kickoff the Rush season to train and equip our student ministry to repreSENT Jesus in their schools.


Wednesday evening programming for all Preschoolers and Kids, Birth through 5th Grade, connecting Sunday to Sunday. Kids learn how to apply what they learn on Sunday to their life. They will experience how to KNOW, GROW, SERVE, & SHARE Christ in a fun and interactive way. These nights are packed full of Biblical knowledge, activities and games! KIDNECTION is totally free and no registration is required.


Email Sign Up

Every Sunday we send out important info about what is happening in our Students, Kids, and Preschool ministries. From what they learned at church to upcoming events, it is a great way to find resources and stay informed!