Small Group Resources


The Bible is relevant to everyday life. Applying it to our relationships, circumstances, and struggles brings strength, hope, and blessing. If our choices set our direction and determine our destiny, applying God’s Word to every area of life is essential. Let’s learn how!

Jesus said, ‘…go and make disciples of all nations.’ Often called The Great Commission, without a clear definition of ‘disciple,’ Jesus’ mission for the church can become The Great Confusion. Join us as we bring biblical clarity and real-life ways to be and make disciples of Jesus.

In the Lift The City sermon series, we delve into the calling of Jesus’ followers to be the light of the world, a city on a hill. It’s about embodying ‘Shalom’—bringing peace, restoring wholeness, and working together to connect our community to hope. For the people of The MET, this series is a call to action.

The afterlife. Is it real? Can we know where we’re going when we die? Does how we live today make a difference in eternity? The Bible has much to say about this, one of life’s greatest questions. In this series, we’ll discover the answers and find hope as we explore what’s on the other side.

What is the Gospel? Why is Jesus good news? Discover the necessity and the power of the gospel in this 8-week teaching series through the first eight chapters of the book of Romans.

We celebrate when someone goes from unbelief to belief, from doubt to faith. But what about when one is moving from faith to doubt? Instead of judging doubt in others, or hiding from our own, what if we welcome doubt as part of our spiritual formation, driving us deeper into a relationship with Christ? Surprisingly, doubt can have its benefits.

How does God do his work in your life? What are the signs of an undeniable encounter with the Creator? And when it comes to experiencing true, meaningful, lasting transformation, how do we cooperate with what God is doing?

In this series, you’ll witness the breakthrough stories of several people at The MET who, in different ways, have the testimony of ‘I was blind, but now I see! I was lost, and now I’m found!’

Who knows? Yours might be the next God Story!

‘I love my church!’ What makes a person say that? What makes you say that? Is it the teaching? The worship? The opportunities for kids and students? Or, how your church cares about the community? What if loving the church means more than what we receive? What if loving the church includes giving back? Join us as we discover God’s view on what it means to love the church.

A shepherd boy filled with faith and courage. A king whose life is full of flaws and failures. Famously described as a man after God’s own heart, David has much to teach us about how God uses the broken, restores the repentant, and raises up men and women to do great things.

There is much to learn as we delve into the life of this remarkable man. You’ll discover how God can use you in mighty ways, no matter where you come from or what your past may hold.

You’ve likely heard, ‘God is in control.’ But is that true? Is God involved in human history? How about your story? This Sunday, we begin a new teaching series called Esther. Ironically, in this fascinating story of faith, courage, and conviction, The Book of Esther never mentions God. But God’s hand is seen throughout. Join us every Sunday this November as we learn to discern and cooperate with God as he works behind the scenes in your life.

A great awakening. God is on the move, and in his wake is a church, a community saturated with worship, prayer, spiritual hunger, conviction, repentance, and new life. It’s an encounter with the King that changes everything. Are you ready?

On this side of heaven, many things can bring us down. But with Christ and through Christ, we can look up because that’s where our help comes from. Join us this May as we look to the Scriptures and learn the art of looking up, even if things all-around try to pull us down.

God can use you to impact the lives of those around you. The month of April’s focus is on becoming a disciple who makes disciples.