Residency at TheMET


The purpose of the Residency program is to equip, develop, and send out pastors who are able to lead themselves and others to build disciple-making churches.


We believe it takes pastoral leaders to identify, develop, and train emerging pastoral leaders. We therefore believe the church is the best place for church leaders to be developed through on-the-job training and leadership experiences, real-time coaching and mentoring, and immersion into a relational disciple-making environment.

We believe everyone has the potential to lead and the ability to grow as a leader. We also believe this potential and ability must be accompanied by a strong desire to learn and apply new skills along with the willingness to make the personal sacrifices required to grow spiritually and serve others as a pastor and leader.

We believe spiritual leadership requires both spiritual intensity and leadership capacity. We therefore believe a program to develop emerging pastors must focus both on the spiritual realities and the leadership skills necessary to lead effectively in the church today.

TheMET Residency program is proudly based on the 12Stone Church Residency Program. We are indebted to the pastoral staff and passion of 12Stone Church (especially Pastors Paul Nieman and Miles Welch), and we are grateful to them for allowing TheMET to use their teaching and curriculum as the foundation for our program.


There are 6 developmental elements to the program:

  1. Core Ministry Experiences
  2. Leadership Coaching
  3. Personal Development
  4. Pastoral Leadership Curriculum - Self Leadership, Relational Leadership and Organizational Leadership
  5. Prevailing Church Culture – Immersion in a relational disciple-making church culture
  6. Evaluations


Has a compelling testimony of how Jesus has changed their life and called them into pastoral ministry.

Has a coachable spirit and is willing to submit to authority and place the needs of the ministry and team above self.

Has a passion to learn and grow spiritually in community with other believers, and allows others to speak truth into their life.

Is willing to be known. Is transparent and vulnerable in ways that point others to Jesus.

Is passionate about making disciples in meaningful relationship.

Has appropriate maturity and a strong work ethic. Is not driven by financial compensation.


A potential resident must:

  • Be able to express a clear testimony and calling into full-time church ministry.
  • Be a college graduate or have equivalent work experience.
  • Be aligned with the church philosophy, culture, and staff.
  • Have clear and compelling leadership potential.
  • Have relevant ministry work/volunteer experience.
  • Have an appropriate maturity and work ethic.
  • Complete the online application process.


The Residency is a 12-month program with residents typically entering in September or January and completing the program in August or December of the following year. After the 9-month mark, it is encouraged for residents to begin looking for a pastoral position. Any requests to leave the program and begin employment as a Pastor at another church prior to the completion of 9 months will be evaluated based on readiness as determined by the respective Resident Coach and Residency Director.

Interested in becoming a resident?